Summer Academy for Strengthening Democracy in

the Euro-Med region (2017)


Afef Khnissi, Tunisia

Afef Khnissi is a geologist. She studied at the Faculty of Science of Tunis. She has an academic degree in Geosciences and a Master's degree in Mineral Resources. She has attended many scientific conferences and has scientific publications in international journals. Afef has always been very active in the field of culture and education. She has become very active in the political life of Tunisia after the revolution. Afef is a representative of the political party Al Irada. She is an alumna of the Tunisian School of Politics.

  Bashar Kokash, Jordan

Bashar Kokash holds a B.A. in Economics, M.A. in Financial Management and M.A. in Public Opinion and Polling. This background, together with his 16 years working experience in different departments of the government, has given him good experience and knowledge in the subjects of measuring people perceptions, youth, political and social reform, elections, political parties and violent radicalization and extremism. He is interested in the youth sector, believing that it is the most important sector in the society and that there is a need to invest in it. While completing his bachelor’s degree at university, he has been elected the Head of the Student Council, representing over 17,000 students. In addition, he has assisted in managing a campaign to enhance youth participation in the 2010 parliamentary election and in organizing the Jordan Youth Forum 2011.

  Evgenia Angelova, Bulgaria

Evgenia Angelova is a second term member of the Bulgarian Parliament from political party GERB, elected from the Haskovo region. She is part of  the Budget and Finance Committee and the Foreign Policy Committee. In addition, she is a municipality coordinator of GERB Haskovo. She has been an elected city councillor and vice-chair of the Haskovo City Council from 2011 to 2014. She has acquired a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Miami, specializing in Finance and Marketing. In addition, she has a Master of Business Administration degree from the American Intercontinental University in London, UK, specializing in International Business. She has completed her Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Pace University, New York, specializing in International Management with focus on Europe. She is an alumna of the Bulgarian School of Politics.

  Gergana Andreeva, Bulgaria

Gergana Andreeva has a significant experience in developing strategies, conducting trainings, project management of various successful USAID and EU funded initiatives. Gergana has been a founder and chair of BFE since 2007. She has been involved as a consultant in many national initiatives, launched by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy – national internship program, modern labour market offices, qualification of university professors, development of Bulgarian University Ranking System, etc. She is also a Member of the EU Structural Program “Education for Intelligent Growth”. Her experience and knowledge in policy development have been utilized also on international level - by the Macedonian Competitiveness Project, the Armenian initiative for development of a national strategy on employability, the Georgian workforce development project in health sector, Moldavian Ministry of Labour on development internship framework, etc. In 2016 she has started to work for Swiss funded EYE project in Kosovo as facilitator for a Study tour and also as an expert for a Feasibility Study on Higher Education Ranking System. Gergana has graduated as a Master of Computer Science, Sofia University and also MBA Risk Management and Insurance, Georgia State University, USA. In 2016, she has completed the National Program of the Bulgarian School of Politics. She also is a lecturer in the same program.

  Gergana Mutafova, Bulgaria

Gergana Mutafova has worked as a prosecutor for more than 16 years in different positions - 5 years as a regular prosecutor, then chief of an office with 17 people in Asenovgrad town. For the last 7 years she has lead the second biggest regional prosecution office in Bulgaria with 53 prosecutors and 50 people administrative staff. She has worked in various types of teams in the prosecutorial fields. She is experienced at working with criminal cases, implementing, managing and monitoring different projects on the judicial issues. Gergana is part of the Bulgarian contact points for international mutual legal assistance, specialized in the field of international criminal law and European law. She has graduated in Law, International Relations and EU Law at Sofia University and Finance at Veliko Tarnovo University. Gergana is an alumna of the Bulgarian School of Politics.

  Hinda Bouddane, Morocco

Hinda Bouddane is the first vice president of the elected provincial Council of the city of Fez. She is a Leaders for Democracy Fellow alumna at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA. She currently works as Regional Operations Coordinator of INJAZ AL Maghrib, an NGO that belong to JA Worldwide that operates in promoting social entrepreneurship in public schools through its programs in partnership with the Ministry of National Education.  She is also a political and civil society activist. Hinda is keen on promoting women and youth political participation in Morocco. She is also an active member of several NGOs that work in the areas of local governance, democracy reform, youth initiatives, and women’s rights and empowerment.

  Ikbal Msadaa, Tunisia

Ikbal Msadaa is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the National School of Sciences and Advanced Technologies of Borj Cedria (ENSTAB), University of Carthage, Tunisia. She has received her Computer Science Engineering diploma in 2005 and her MSc degree in 2006, both from ENSI, University of Manouba, Tunisia. In 2010, she has received her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Networking from TELECOM ParisTech at EURECOM, Sophia-Antipolis France where she has held the position of Research and Teaching Assistant at the Mobile Communications Department from 2007 to 2010. In 2011, she has been elected as a Constituent Assembly Representative for Tunisians living in Africa, Asia and Australia. During her mandate (2011-2014) at the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly, she has been a member of the Committee of Legislative and Executive Powers and a member of the Consensus Committee. She has served during the same period as an advisor to the President of the Republic. She’s currently a member of the Executive Bureau of Harak Tounes Alirada party.  She is an alumna of the Tunisian School of Politics.

 Kostadin Shankov, Bulgaria

Kostadin Shankov is a veterinarian doctor. In 2003 he has graduated from English Language School Plovdiv. He has a Master degree in Veterinarian Medicine. As a hobby he is an International Judge of Dog Shows, Falconer, Cooker (top 12 in MasterChef Bulgaria 2017). Kostadin Shankov is a president of several NGOs, and an honoured Chairman of the biggest foundation working with street dogs and wild animals welfare.

Laara Saade, Lebanon

Lara Saade is a public policy advisor, lawyer and human rights advocate. She has over 7 years of national and international experience providing legal research and technical advice to governmental, non-governmental and UN organizations in public policy, human rights, gender, governance, anti-corruption, rule of law and development, with specific experience in Lebanon and MENA countries. Lara is the first woman to be appointed in Lebanon as a policy advisor to the president of a prominent political party - MP Samy Gemayel. She holds a Master of Law and a Certificate in Political Mediation from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon; a Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations from Paris-Sud XI University, France; and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Public Policy and Public Administration from Syracuse University.

  Lahoucine Amouzay, Morocco

Lahoucine Amouzay is a researcher in Language Planning Centre, Royal Institute of Amazighe Culture since September 2010. He has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies from University IbnZohr, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Agadir, Morocco. He has a Ph.D. in “Language Sciences, Speech Sciences and Communication” from the University of Mohammed V, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Rabat, Morocco. In 2011 he has received a certificate of specialization from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the International Instruments and Mechanisms to Protect Human Rights and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Geneva, Switzerland. Lahoucine is an Alumnus of the Citizenship School of Political Studies of Morocco.

   Meriem Laghmari, Morocco

Meriem Laghmari works for the Department in Charge of Moroccans Living abroad and Migration Affairs of the Kingdom of Morocco. Her daily work is concentrated on Moroccans Living Abroad. She has a Master degree in “Pedagogy of Cultural Mediation of Art and Science”. Before that she has studied Communication, Education and Culture at the Faculty of Science in Rabat. She is an alumna of the Citizenship School of Political Studies of Morocco.

  Mohamed Aymen Nouri, Tunisia

Mohamed Aymen Nouri is an electronic engineer. He is part of the new generation of young Tunisian politicians who have been interested in political activities since the Tunisian revolution of 2011. He is interested in the social-democratic political family. Mohamed has been an active participant in the legislative and presidential electoral campaign that has taken place at the end of 2014. He is an alumnus of the Tunisian school of Politics.

  Mohammed Jhilila, Morocco

Mohamed Jhilila works at the Urban Agency of Safi, Ministry of Urbanism and Territorial Development. He is a General Secretary of the Local Board of Union Generale des Travailleurs du Maroc – UGTM. He is a member of the National Executive Board of UGTM – Urban Agencies’ Sector. Mohammed is a social activist and a General Secretary of Azzahrae Association. In December 2015, he has attended an Erasmus Training on minorities’ rights which has taken place in Riga, Latvia.

  Nastimir Ananiev, Bulgaria

Nastimir Ananiev is involved in politics since 2012. Member of the Bulgarian parliament from 2014 to 2017. Chairperson of the Transportation Committee 2016/2017. He is an activist on the topic of road safety. He has a Bachelor degree from Griffith College Dublin and MBA degree from American University in Bulgaria.

   Rachid Ait-Benaim, Morocco

Rachid Ait-Benaim holds a Master degree in Arabic and Muslim Studies from the Michel de Montaigne University – Bordeaux. He is a primary school teacher and civil society activist. He is a President of Amuddu Association, a local youth association. The organization is accredited by European Voluntary Service (EVS), International Civic Service, and International Volunteerism for All (IVO4All). Rachid is a General Secretary of CMV (Moroccan Collective of Volunteerism), a network of Moroccan organizations acting in national youth mobility. He is a Vice president of REMAJE and a member of the steering committee of Moroccan Network of Anna Lindh Foundation, responsible for youth activities.

  Rajae Fadli, Morocco

Rajae Fadli is a Moroccan reporter. She has 7 years experience in journalism. She has started her career in a radio channel where she has presented political, cultural and environmental news. Currently, she is a reporter at medi1 tv channel in Morocco. She has always been interested in the Euro-Mediterranean situation. She is an alumna of the Citizenship School of Political Studies of Morocco.

  Rim Sioua, Tunisia

Rim Sioua has a degree in Business and Management. She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Rim has worked in the private sector as a Finance Director. She has been a NGO activist before the revolution and is involved in politics after the revolution. Rim is a member of the board of AfekTounes since 2014. In Afek, Rim has started as a trainer and then as a financial manager during the election 2014. Then she has been the project manager of Afek Academy in charge of all training programs in the party as well as coordination with international partners and NGOs. Rim is an alumna of the Tunisian school of Politics.

  Sally Ashour, Egypt

Sally Ashour is a Political Sciences Assistant Professor at the National Centre for Social and Criminological Researches and a migration consultant at the Egyptian Red Crescent. She has worked for one year as an assistant to the Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity for International Cooperation and Research. She has graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University. She has a Bachelor degree in Public Administration and a Master degree in Political Sciences. She has obtained a PhD degree in International Relations and International Law.

  Skander Sehtel, Tunisia

Skander Sehtel has a Master degree in Business English and Communication. He is keen on politics in Tunisia. He is a member of NidaaTounes since 2012 where he has been a member of the national council, a national trainer and a member of the national training commission. Skander is a trainer in communication, conflict management and monitoring elections. He has specialized in programs of the Tunisian School of Politics, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, and the Young Leaders Council of Tunis of Search for Common Ground, the Academy of the Arabic Group for Development and the National Democracy Institute.

  Valentin Lambev, Bulgaria

Valentin Lambev is a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament from the Bulgarian Socialist Party. He is an Economist. Valentin is a member of the Budget and Finance Committee. Before that he has been city councillor at the Veliko Tarnovo City Council for two mandates. He is an alumnus of the Bulgarian school of politics.

  Walid Jouini, Tunisia

Walid Jouini has a degree in Computer Sciences. In 2007 he has started working as a technician in a leading company "TOPNET". Nowadays he is a Head Manager in the company. In 2011 he has joined the UGTT (the Tunisian General Labour Union), as a member of the executive bureau of the syndicate at TOPNET. In 2015 he has become a Deputy General Secretary of the Regional Syndicate of Telecommunications in Tunis. Walid has been named as the best participant in the 2013-2015 edition of FORMAGREB program for the young syndicate leaders of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. He is an alumnus of the Tunisian School of Politics.