Summer Academy for Strengthening Democracy in

the Euro-Med region (2015)


  Mr. Alyosha DAKOV, Bulgaria

Municipal councilor at Sofia municipality. Chair of the Regional Council of BSP – Izgrev region, Sofia. Member of the National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

   Ms. Atidzhe ALIEVA, Bulgaria

Deputy Director of the State Fund Agriculture. Member of the Movement for Rights and Freedom.

  Ms. Denitsa BOEVA, Bulgaria

Project management expert at an electricity company. She was a Chief Expert at the National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings.

   Ms. Fatima BOUTINKHAR, Morocco

Human rights activist, Commission of Human Rights in Guelmim.

  Ms. Irena SOKOLOVA, Bulgaria

Governor at Pernik Area Regional Administration, Chairperson of the women’s organization of the Citizens for European Development Political Party.

   Mr. Khalid HARMICH, Morocco

Director of Human Resources Development Division at the City Municipality of Tétouan.

   Ms. Kmar GAZZOU, Tunisia

Communication and TOT Youth Leader trainer at Nidaa Tounes (Winner of 2014’s elections) and President of CEMEDS (Mediterranean Centre of Studies and Social Development).

  Ms. Manel LAHRABI, Tunisia

Administrative and financial manager of international projects at the non-governmental organization Mourakiboun. Observer and trainer for national and international elections.

   Ms. Mariem FITOURI EP GZAM, Tunisia

Member of the National Council of the party Afek Touness. Candidate for the parliamentary elections in 2011 and 2014.

   Mr. Mehdi ELIDRISSI, Morocco

Member of the Editorial Board of the Newspaper “Morocco world news” and Head of its political section. President of the Scientific Committee of the magazine “Rihab Aljamiaa”. He is currently working on his PhD thesis on “Constitutionalism after the Arab Spring”

   Mr. Mohamed RACHED JOMNI, Tunisia

Director of ICT committee, which evaluated the situation of ICT in Tunisia. Member of the Center of Young Business Leaders.  Manager of a computing services company and professor at the Esprit School of Engineering.

Ms. Mounia ELKHATTAB, Morocco

Legal counselor at the Nejma Counseling and Support Centre for Women Victims of Violence at the Democratic Association of Moroccan Women.

   Mr. Petar KARABOEV, Bulgaria

Vice editor-in-chief of “Dnevnik daily” newspaper. Journalist interested in foreign affairs and geopolitics.

  Ms. Rositsa RACHEVA, Bulgaria

Member of the Executive Board of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria Political Party. Democrats for Strong Bulgaria Political Party is part of the Reformist block.

   Ms. Safa MDAINI, Tunisia

Director of the Central Training Office and member of the Central Office of the Youth Plan at Ennahdha political party.

  Mr. Youssef RAKI, Morocco

Assistant project manager in charge of income-generating and capacity strengthening projects at CARE International. He is also a law graduate with experience in various social development projects.

  Mr. Zied BEN ABDELJELIL, Tunisia

Member of the Worker’s Party. Member of the Regional Electoral Administration of the Popular Front in Sousse. Member of the Tunisian General Trade Union “UGTT”. Volunteer at the Tunisian Red Crescent.